Monday, December 12, 2011

Say What?!?!

OK, so last night, 12/11/11, was the End of Year Party for GUTS.  As it turns out I, along with Scott S., James T., and Mike D., won Super GUTS Volunteer of the year.  For all of my services that I had rendered over the past year, I got to smile my sheepish smile in front of 6,000 people, give a coronation speech, and received a kick-ass North Face gear bag.
When Janice (my coach...bless her heart for putting up with my slackness) announced my name I was like huh?  So, I went up and then she started listing all of the things I've done.  I don't know that I ever really tallied up the stuff, but there is a good bit.  Even though as I write this, I still don't think I did all that much.  I just love this club, its people, and in general really genuinely like to help out.  In a way I almost feel awkward for accepting this award.   I volunteer because it makes me feel good, I like to do it a lot, it is a lot of fun for me, so...I don't know...I just feel honored and weird at the same time.

Janice presenting the kick-ass gear bag, me holding my beer, Mama Kim striking an awesome pose, & Len's wife Shannon.
(Photo: Ryan C.)

So why am I writing this?
Partially for me.
For my mom, brother, and sister who don't follow me on Facebook.
AND to say thank you to all of my friends that said thank you to me.   
That's stupid...huh?  This post may be reverted to the bone-yard where some of my other posts have gone.

The Kick-Ass North Face Bag.  Yes, it already has stuff in it :-)

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