Wednesday, July 31, 2013

RATL! - July 2013




Miles: 15.24
Runs: 3


Miles: 250.51
Runs: 41

Monday, July 29, 2013

H9 2013 - Hard Time on the Dragon's Spine


  • Perry: "I wanted him to leave the edges sharp, but he finished them."
    Me: "So that every time you picked it up you got cut?"
    Perry: "Pretty much."
    Me: "That would have been so awesome."
  • Jason: "Holy crap!  Do you think y'all have enough camping gear?"
  • Me: "Franco and I are going to run the DRT 50K."
    Perry: "Baaaaahahahahahahahaha...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
    Me: "What the hell?"
    Perry: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha."
    Me: "Seriously?"
    Perry: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha."
  • Me: "Did you come to arrest me again?"
  • Franco: "Hey...hey, you better not melt my fan."
  • Dave: "Alicia and I have been married for 24 years, and we just wanted to say congratulations on your new life together.  We were so happy when we saw your picture on Facebook."
  • Tom: "You're a perfect candidate for a chainsaw accident.  You've been drinking beer, you don't have on safety Glasses, you're wearing shorts, hell, why don't you borrow John's flip flops.'
  • Franco: "Aaron, get the chainsaw, come this way."
    John: "No, Aaron, put the chainsaw down and come this way."
    Franco: "No, Aaron, listen to me."
    John: "No, put the chainsaw down."
    Franco: "I'm not walking down the trail a mile for John's little stump.  Come up here."
    Me: "Fuck, will y'all stop fighting?  I'm going to follow Franco, his log is closer."
  • Tom: "Are there more ants in the Powerade?  I thought I got them all out."
  • Franco: "Do you think we should cut up the watermelon?"
    Me: "Sure, why not?"
    Franco: "I was just asking."
    Tom: "What?  Look at that!"
    Franco: "What the hell kind of watermelon is this?"
  • Me: "Mother time, this is Black Cobra, do you copy?  Over."
    Greg: "Black Mamba, Mother time has stepped away for a moment, what's up?"
    Me: "It's Black COBRA, damnit!"
    Me: "Over."
  • John: "No, you two are NOT cutting down a 50 foot tree."
  • Franco: "Why the hell are you putting more leaves on the fire?  You're going to burn your tent down. I try to tell him yesterday."
  • Franco: "Who the hell does John think he is telling us to cut down that tree.  I just want to take a whack at at it."
    Tom: "Yeah, he has no jurisdiction here.  This isn't the City of Atlanta, or Lenox Mall."
    Me: "Damn."
  • Tom: "Is your cellphone charged yet?"
    Me: "No, it's at 29%."
    Franco: "You need to throw that piece of shit in the fire."
    (2 minutes later.)
    Franco: "Is it charged yet?"
    Me: "No, Frank it's still charging."
    Tom: "How charged is it?"
    Me: "It's still at 29%."
    Franco: "Mine has been on for 3 days and is charged."
    Tom: "What are you at now?"
    Me: "30%."
    (5 minutes later.)
    Tom: "You should check on your phone."
    Me: "You're probably right."
    Tom: "Well, is it charged? What's it at?"
    Me: "32%."
    (20 minutes later, Franco has fallen asleep in his chair.)
    Me: "Hey, look, he's fallen asleep in his chair."
    Tom: "Ha, ha, ha."
    Franco: "I'm awake."
    (10 minutes later, Franco wakes up from nap number 2.)
    Franco: "You know, you better check on your phone.  That generator could super charge it and blow it up."
    Tom: "Yeah, you should check it.  What's it at now?"
    Me: "Really?  Seriously?  I am guessing 42%." (I check the phone)  "Holy shit!  It's at 49%!"
    Franco: "I'm going to bed."
    (30 minutes later.)
    Me: "Hey, you reckon we should move the generator?  It's blowing exhaust right into Franco's tent.  It would suck if he never woke up from his nap."
    Tom: "Yeah, that's probably a good idea, that would be terrible."
    (I move the generator across the camp site.)
    Tom: "Hey, what's your phone at now?"
    Me: "46%."
    Tom: "Wait, it went down?"
    Me: "Ha, no.  It's really at 57%."
    (Runner comes in and we tend to her.)
    (Franco unzips his tent and rises from the dead.)

    Franco: "Y'all are so damn loud, I couldn't sleep."
    Me: "Shut up, and go back to sleep!"
    Tom: "Hey what's your phone at?"
    Me: "You know what?  I'm done charging.  I don't care any more."
  • Me: "Do you want me to make you a new PB&J sandwich?  There are flies all over that one."
    Deborah: "Nope, flies don't bother me."
  • Franco: "Fish Gap, this is Uncle Si.  Do you hear me? I have three questions for Perry.  Where is our water and what the kind of water melon is this?"
  • Jason: "Holy shit that was loud!"
  • Jason: "You can tell Perry that I am going to punch Kena as well!"
  • Franco: "Shit! Hey, Aaron, we're turning around here."
    (I look down this insanely steep trail leading into Mulkey Gap and then at my watch.)
    Me: "Holy fuck!  Yep, we're right at an hour.  This is the perfect place to turn around."
  • Kena: "Thank you so much!  You have no idea how much we really appreciate you two." 


Penne Rigate with homemade sauce.

Campsite / Aid Station in the early morning.

Tackling Coosa for the first time today.

Awesome surprise. Awesome card.

Awesome logs.