Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Running Atlanta!


So, things have been really quiet on the running front here.  I've been plagued by my ankle injury which put me in a funky downward spiral of just hating running.  Until one day in December when I looked at a blog where I am taking the inspiration for this from.  As some of you know I am slightly OCD, and quite a while back I stumbled on this guy who is walking every street in New York City.  Holy smokes!  He has a cool map with pictures and comments and it is literally a full time job.  This is AWESOME.
Unfortunately, I already have a full-time job (not related to running) and just can't run the streets of Atlanta for a living, so this is my feeble attempt at doing something similar.  No, I am not going to post an interactive map with pictures and such, rather, at the end of each month I am going to post an image of a map that will continually evolve as I go along.

Things to note:
  • I am only highlighting runs that I do in direct relation to this project.  I run a lot of trails and in other places, but they won't be shown here.
  • I may show pictures.  I may not show pictures.
  • The map is made up of gray and red lines only.
  • The map I am using is based on GIS data that I got from Fulton County and converted to an AutoCAD file.
  • This AutoCAD file is then made into a PDF which is then converted into a JPG.
  • I will often drive to different starting locations.
  • I run in Brooks Ghost 5.
  • I have long hair and run.

With that, enjoy!

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