Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Running with the Zombies

In case you didn't know, the cable TV network AMC films its show 'The Walking Dead'in and around Atlanta.  One day FB was a buzz with an article from the AJC in which they talked about road closures and this and that.  Then a friend of mine (probably jokingly) made the comment "Maybe I'll go out for a run and get to kill some zombies."  Me, being the 37 year old kid that I am was all over it. 
I was in...I mean...killing zombies...like there was a question?  As soon as I suggested a 'Zombie Killa 50K' the banter started.  We talked about weapons of choice, what kinds of supplies would be offered at the aid stations, etc.  The only thing was that a 50K was a little tough to get in before work so we settled on a little 7¾ miler.
All weekend, right up to Sunday night, I was on and off.  What I had forgotten was an appointment with my eye doctor that I had scheduled for 8:00am that same morning. However, I was not going to let this stop me.  I talked to Jenn Sunday night and decided to risk being late for it.
4:00am - beep beep beep my alarm goes off.
5:15am -  the zombie killas are assembled and now ready for battle.
I armed myself with my water bottle and long hair.  Jenn had her camera (w/ flash for blinding zombies) and her witty personality.  Jason was dressed like a ninja (I couldn't tell if he was running with us most of the time) and his water bottle.
We finally made our way to the set and then started our exploration.  We searched high and low but found nothing.  The closest we got to a zombie was when we were near the lighting trucks. The sound of dozens of zombies in the trailer moving around were coming from the side door, but they wouldn't come out for some reason.  It appears that the most of the zombies slept in, and those that were up were busy eating something in the trailer.  How disappointing!  What were we going to do now?  We had a fun time that's what!  We toured the set, took some pictures and ultimately got kicked out by the security guard who was adamant about us discontinuing the use of the camera...boo!
The moral to this story?  Have fun like a kid.  Wake up at 4:00 if you have to.  It is totally worth it!
8:00am - sitting in the waiting room.

Look at my eyes, and look at the terror!  (Photo: Jenn C)

This is howI felt all day.  (Photo: Jenn C)

Even grown-up Zombie Killas can have fun : )  (Photo: Jenn C)

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  1. This was a most excellent adventure! Great write-up.