Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sutallee 10mi Trail Challenge, Anke Sprain, & Gahuti Training Run


I awoke early Saturday morning after an evening of watching the Hangover (in preparation for The Hangover 2), having a big ol' plate of sushi from Kuroshio (page 6/8 'The Earth Mover'), and a couple of beers to thin the blood for maximum efficiency.  Once I picked up Jason B and His sister Stace, we headed off to Canton where JB and I would run the 10 mile course while SB did the 4mi.  Earlier during the week I got a and e-mail from Jenn and a call from Jaydene regarding this race, and I was ultimately able to con them each into coming out!

At the start of the race I got to hang out and chat a few of my GUTS friends Kate B, Jon O, and Mark E.  I would ultimately end up running about 7 miles with Mark while cutting up a good portion of the time.  Laughing while running can't be beat!  Thanks Mark! 

9:00 and it was a go!  I cruised through all of the miles with ease and a smile on my face.  I wish I had seen Jenn at the start, after all I did tell her about the race.  However, I must have been caught up in setting my new land-speed record.  All the way from the start through mile 7 (I am beginning to sense a pattern here) I was doing awesome then it happened.  At one point the light was coming through the leaves and I quickly discovered that because of my 'gimp' eye I had problems with the contrast and then my depth perception.   BAM!  As soon as I saw it, I stepped into a hole.  Not a deep one, but one substantial enough to cause me to roll my ankle, fall down, and roll down the trail.
"ARE YOU OK?",  a couple of people asked.
"I don't know, but run on." was all I could say.
I helped myself up with a tree and stood there for about 2 minutes.  Was it broken?  Can I move? Am I going to be able to finish?   These were all questions going through my mind, as I started walking down the trail.  Yep, I was walking, and eventually I was running.  I finished that bitch yo.  I WAS NOT going to let this stop me!  Like last week I pushed on until the end, and i finished with a respectable 2:02 considering I damn near killed myself.
The trails of Boiling Park in Canton are awesome.  The hills are rolling and not too challenging and the tree cover keeps you protected from the sun almost the entire way.  One thing I particularly liked was the pine straw covering the trails in several sections.  According to the RD there was a 'bushwhack' section that we were going to have to run through..for real?  This was nothing, but it did afford me the chance to pass about 6 or 8 people as they 'struggled' to find their way.  Come to think of it, I only remember being passed by 2 of these people after my fall, how did that work?

Me and Jaydene at the finish - she kicked ass!
I sprained my dang ankle.  Yep yep.  It has turned all purple and it looks like I have elephantitis.  Today, I go to see Dr. Peebles for an expert evaluation.  Why a podiatrist?  Well, the ER doc didn't do anything for me except take an x-ray and give me a prescription for some Vicodin.  Hmm...12 pills of Vicodin for $ it worth it?  I have to admit that I did try one even though I'm not in much pan...let me say DAYUM!

Left Ankle - Outside View - Day 3

Left Ankle - Inside View - Day 3

If you follow my Facebook page you will note that the times don't quite match up, but whatever : )
Saturday night I called Kim P and told her I wasn't running, but I was going to come out to work the aid station.  She was a little confused as to why I would still want to come out, but trust me, spending some time with some good friends (whether you can run with them or not) was just what the doctor ordered.   Actually, she understands having been a very similar situation a year ago.
I loved being able to get out there and help my friends out even though some of them got lost Greg M, Joel T, and Sandy G,  but hey, the missed the 985 stairs on the first loop and, well it was just right that they got lost and ultimately ended up doing them! 
There were SO many people out there and I wish I could have run with y'all but have no fear I had a great time working the mile 3 aid station as well as the finish line.  Y'all did great!  I can't wait for the run on the 301 trail!   Hopefully my gimp ankle will be healed by then.

So, with that I bid you Happy Running!

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