Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meat Grinder or Ground Meat


As you know, I like running and I like sausage.  I have been getting the itch to run the approach trail to Springer Mountain as well as an itch for some more homemade sausage.  Put that together with a great group of friends and you have a FUN weekend!
About once a month GUTS hosts a group training run somewhere cool.  Unfortunately, a lot of the time this run is on a Saturday and people that work on the weekends often miss out.  I then asked myself at one point, why not do one on a Sunday for those that had to miss Saturday or that wanted to do both.  So, that's partially where this came from.


My buddy Franco is an old world Sicilian via Brooklyn via Cleveland via  Detriot via Miami and via Atlanta, so when it comes to making Italian Sausage you want to go to the source...I'm not going to give all his secrets away, but here is a glimpse into the process.
Trimming the meat.


More seasoning.

You're looking at my balls.

Prison shanks.  Yes, the grooves have meaning.

Finished product.



Talking with Franco and a couple of other friends I decided to take the shorter 11 mile Hike Inn loop so that we could get the picnic set up.  This actually worked out really well, so that as soon as everyone was back we started cooking.

Smokey says...

The beginning of the journey...
Titanic Franco.

Lots o' water.
Marc has been a GUTS member for longer than I have, but I just got to know him.  He's a little strange and smells kind of bad and is bit of a Nonna's Boy, but is a good guy.  We spent the whole day running together.  Really, he's an awesome short distance runner and I'm kind of jealous of his ability.  He ran the 11 miles with no water and carrying his jacket in his hand...for real?

Me and Marc. (Photo: Candy F.)

Jenn, Jenn, Jenn...good luck, my friend, and I applaud you for following your heart!  I am so excited for you to begin your life that it's kind of hard to express without sounding like a little girl or a queen, so, I'll leave it at that...have fun...enjoy...and best of luck!

Me and Jenn at the Hike Inn (Photo: Candy F.)

Check out my shank...me and Candy. (Photo: Jenn C.)

US! (Photo: Jenn C.)
Well, it was a lot of fun!  People liked our meat.  I blew up Franco's stove (which I intend to fix).  We had lots of good food.  John M. even came by and we were able to wish him happy birthday in person!  FUN!

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